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Different types of credit

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What is the difference between sms and fast loans? No one at all, but what is the difference between an online credit and an account credit? Or on a credit card and debit card? Or on down payment loans and loans for the cash deposit? Not everyone knows this, so why should Good Finance give you this little guide on various loans and other credits?

Various loans and other credits

Various loans and other credits

Sms Loans - A small loan that is processed and paid off quickly. The requirements for these loans are normally lower than for other loans and credits. Ordinary loan amounts are USD 500 - 20000 and the loan is usually repaid within a few months. The reason why the loan is called "sms loan" is that people often took these loans via sms a number of years ago, but today they are usually applied directly on the credit company's website. Therefore, this term is really obsolete, but since most people still use the term sms, we at Good Finance also do so.

Quick Loans - Another name for sms loans. The term fast loan is used to emphasize that the borrower gets his loan quickly.

Online Credit - An account credit that you can open directly online, but most often refers to an account credit that is only administered online and offered by non-bank credit companies. These loans usually have a higher interest rate than regular account loans but lower interest rates than sms loans.

Account Credit - A credit that is linked to an account and that is found at most banks. Sometimes the credit is linked to a specific account, sometimes the credit goes on when the own money in the account is over. An account credit gives you a certain amount of credit that you can use when you want and have no maturity, on the other hand, you have to pay off what you have borrowed once a month.

This is rarely a problem because you can always borrow again

This is rarely a problem because you can always borrow again

Micro-loans - Sometimes the term "micro-loans" is used instead of fast loans and sms loans to show that the loan is small, but there are also other credits called micro-loans. The most common microloans are those that help small businesses in economically vulnerable countries and the loans that small businesses in Sweden can take.

Internet loans - Sometimes internet loans are used as a synonym for sms and fast loans, but this is not so common anymore. Actually, all types of loans taken via the Internet are Internet loans, for example, sms loans, private loans, and online loans.

Online Loans - Same as Internet Loans. There is also a lender called Net loans.

Private loan - A unsecured loan that is used for consumption and is aimed at private individuals. Ordinary loan amounts for private loans are USD 10000 - 400,000, but there are both larger and smaller private loans. The maturities can range from 1 year up to 15 years.

Blank loans - Another term for private loans, is not used so often today. The banks have deliberately renamed blank loans to private loans to show that the loan is only aimed at private individuals.

Credit card - A card that is linked to credit with a certain amount of credit and when the card is used, money is deducted directly from the credit.

Debit Card - A card that is linked to credit with a certain amount of credit. Once a month, the user receives an invoice at the amount used and usually, you do not have to pay any interest at all if you pay everything at once, you get an interest-free credit. Usually, the interest-free credit is 30 - 45 days, but if you pay off what you have used, you have to start paying interest. Many times, the credit companies launch their debit cards as credit cards, which creates some confusion.

Member Loans - Trade unions and some other organizations sometimes offer favorable membership loans to their members, ie loans with reasonable terms and low-interest rates.

Mortgage loan - A bank loan to pay down the mortgage for a home while you sell your old home. The mortgage loan must be repaid as soon as the old home is sold. Some, however, take a private loan to pay down the down payment, especially those who do not already have a home and who do not have any saved money when buying a home.

Cash deposit loan 


A loan for, for example, the home or car's cash contribution, that is, the contribution the bank wants you to take care of when you take out a loan with collateral. Those who lend money to the cash contribution usually take a regular private loan.

Car loan, MC - Loans and Boat Loans - A loan with or without collateral to buy a means of transport. If you take out a loan that requires collateral, you must also borrow or save for the cash contribution while a car loan, motorcycle loan or boat loan without collateral works like a regular private loan.

Mortgages - Loans for a home, also called a home loan. All mortgages require security and a cash contribution.

Restart Loan - A loan for those who find it difficult to get a loan because of a debt balance with Good Finance. However, the restart loan requires that you have a home as collateral and settle your debt with part of the loan. However, few banks offer such loans.

Business Loans - Loans that only companies can take. Most corporate loans do not require collateral (eg microloans), but there are exceptions.

Online loan without a bank account – where will you get it?

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It often happens that we need quick cash, and the financial situation prevents us from putting down money. We are also afraid to apply for another payday when our accounts were taken over by a bailiff, which after receiving the funds automatically collects them for paying off debts.

In this situation, it is worth getting acquainted with the parabank service, which is a loan without your own bank account. This type of solution was created for people who are not currently able to pay off their outstanding debts and need urgent financial assistance.

This may be due to an unexpected expense, e.g. as a result of illness or car accident, when we need money for treatment. What is an online loan without a bank account and how to get it?

Online loan without a bank account - offers

Online loan without a bank account - offers

An online loan without a bank account is very different from traditional payday loans which we can get from loan companies. This solution primarily gives you the opportunity to get money into your own hands, which is definitely appreciated by people with a bailiff.

The offer of payday loans without an account is growing on a large scale, so we can choose the best service that will save our home budget. Online payday loans without an account are not only convenient for people who want to quickly obtain cash. It is also a great solution in the absence of time to personally go to a stationary parabank point.

If we want to save time and apply for a loan online without a bank account in almost a few minutes, all we have to do is fill out the form on the website of the selected non-bank company. However, it is worth first to thoroughly analyze the financial market to choose the best offer.

Payday loans offers without an account

Payday loans offers without an account

To facilitate the task of choosing a loan without an account, it is worth using a convenient tool, which is the ranking of payday loans. Thanks to this option, we can easily obtain a list of the best offers from a given period. The rankings usually include 10 items in which you will find the most important information about loans.

So we can see, among others with the maximum loan amount, payday payback period, repayment amount and monthly installment. This is necessary information that every potential borrower should know before signing a contract with a parabank. The APRC percentage is also included in the rankings.

What is the APRC ? This abbreviation hides the Real Annual Interest Rate, which is the total cost of payday loans that each borrower must bear. All fees and additional fees are included in this value. For this reason, before choosing the payday loan offer, you should know all the details about the APRC.

APRC and payday loans

APRC and payday loans

We often find the opinion that the APRC only covers banking services. This is a myth, because in many cases the amount of the Real Annual Interest Rate for a loan from a parabank may even be several times higher than when we want to take a loan.

However, it is dictated by the wide access to payday loans, which can be taken by almost anyone today. Loan companies are far more efficient and less rigorous in carrying out the credibility verification process than banks. In the case of the latter, unfortunately, we can often be refused a loan due to debts or lack of creditworthiness.

To get a bank loan, we must meet a number of conditions, which is definitely not easy. Parabanks do not require presenting a heap of documents showing the borrower's income or financial situation. To get payday loans without an account, all you have to do is confirm your personal details.

However, there is good news for people who want to apply for payday loans without an account and are afraid of the high value of APRC. Non-bank companies offer loans to new customers for free.

This means that we can borrow money in a specific amount and give the same amount in the period to be determined in the signed contract. Therefore, we do not have to pay additional commissions and fees for parabank services. It is an extremely convenient solution for people who have not taken payday loans in a given loan company before.

Loan without an account - how does it work?

Loan without an account - how does it work?

The instant cash loan without a bank account can be transferred to the borrower in two ways. The first option is to receive funds using a giro check, which is often the solution chosen by people with a bailiff. The giro check allows you to collect borrowed cash at your chosen post office.

After a positive decision of the loan company, the applicant receives an SMS with a generated code, which should be presented along with the ID card at the post office. Based on our personal data and showing a pin, funds are transferred to your own hands. Loans without a bank account can also be withdrawn at our home.

To this end, we must arrange a visit with a representative of the loan company, who will visit us in the apartment or in the agreed place. After signing the contract with the parabank, we receive cash in hand, so that funds are not taken over by the bailiff.

Quick cash for those in debt without a bank account - how to infer?

Quick cash for those in debt without a bank account - how to infer?

At present, debtors do not have to spread their hands and fear the bailiff will take over the money. Fast cash for those in debt without a bank account allows you to raise money in an efficient and trouble-free way. All you have to do is fill out a special form in which you need to provide the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period.

Then the parabank will want to check our identity, which usually takes the form of an electronic transfer. If we want to quickly confirm the data, all we have to do is make an express transfer to the bank account of the loan company.

We can also speed up the entire process by using mobile applications that are increasingly being introduced to parabank offers. By allowing access to e-banking applications, we will confirm our identity in just a few seconds.

Loan without a bank account - other verification methods

Loan without a bank account - other verification methods

However, what if we do not have an electronic bank account and want to get a loan as soon as possible? A loan without a bank account allows you to verify data by phone.

This solution is most often used by older people who do not support electronic banking. However, this is also the method chosen by those who want to save time. If we choose parabanks that have an account in another bank, and we want to get a loan as soon as possible, we realize that the transfer will not be delivered expressly.

It may take several hours, and even funds may not be credited to your account the next day. In this situation, a loan without a personal account with proof of identity over the phone will be the perfect choice. When talking to a representative, we only provide the data that appears on your ID card. Thanks to this, we can efficiently confirm our identity, and thus the money will reach our hands faster.

Loans without BIK – who are they for?

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As indicated by statistics - in a few years the number of debtors has increased rapidly. Poles often face many financial problems in their lives, and the household budget can be disturbed at any time. Fortunately, loans without debt for the indebted are one of the solutions. This is a huge help that can be used even by people with bailiffs. Meet the conditions that must be met to take payday pay without BIK.

Loans without BIK for the indebted

Loans without BIK for the indebted

Virtually any adult can apply for loans without a loan for those in debt. To be able to receive such payday loans, all you need is Polish citizenship, a valid ID card and registration in Poland.

Even debtors whose accounts have been taken over by a bailiff can benefit from this type of financial assistance. This is possible due to the fact that loan companies carry out a completely different verification process than banks.

In the case of the latter, when applying for a loan, we must reckon with the fact that the bank will analyze our credit history at BIK. If it is bad, our application will be rejected. The KRD database is also important. When we are debtors, the bank will not accept our loan request.

The situation is completely different when we want to take loans for indebted people without cash and krd via the Internet. By using Good Finance services, we deprive ourselves of the risk of not receiving financial assistance.

Good Finances do not check the abovementioned databases, and the data contained in the debtors' registers do not affect the lender's decision. For this reason, loans without a loan for those in debt online are one of the most commonly used solutions in the event of an urgent need to obtain additional cash.

Loans without BIK and KRD

Loans without BIK and KRD

We can apply for payday loans without cash and krd via the Internet. Just find the offer that suits your needs and fill out the form on the Good Finance website. The online document is extremely transparent, and providing basic data is not a problem for anyone. Thanks to this, we avoid having to fill in onerous formalities and present a heap of documents.

The second way that Poles eagerly choose is loans without cash and crime at the customer's home. This type of opportunity is undoubtedly a helping hand reaching towards debtors who care about time. We can sign a contract with an agent who visits us in the apartment or at a meeting in an agreed place.

It also allows us to use the advice of a specialist who will help us choose an offer ideally suited to our needs. This type of solution also allows you to obtain all information about payday loans, so that we do not encounter any inaccuracies, and the whole process runs smoothly and without problems.

How to infer?

How to infer?

To get non-bank loans without credit card and krd, several conditions must be met:

  • You must be an adult;
  • We must have Polish citizenship;
  • You should live in Poland;
  • You need to set up an account with a Polish bank;
  • We must have a Polish phone number.

This means that almost anyone can get long-term loans without bik or krd. You do not need to submit income statements, bank statements or other documents. All you need is a valid ID card and internet access. Old-age and disability pensioners, students and also the unemployed often use this type of assistance.

How to infer? Just submit an application through the online platform. The basic data should be entered in the form. Then, the Good Finance will carry out the identity verification process. For this purpose, a transfer was used once for a symbolic amount, usually 1 USD.

Nowadays, the use of a mobile application that allows confirmation of personal data in a few seconds is becoming more and more popular. All you have to do is log in to electronic banking and share our application data, which will then send it to the loan company. At the moment, all you have to do is wait for a positive decision and hit the funds on our account.

Loans without installments

Loans without installments

People whose accounts were taken by a bailiff are often afraid of getting a loan without installments by bank transfer. This is due to the fact that bailiffs usually automatically collect any funds that will go to the debtors' accounts. If we want to use the loan for a purpose other than repayment of outstanding liabilities, we can use the Giro check.

What is a Giro check?

The Giro check allows you to pay loans without pay and installments in any Polish post office. This type of solution is proposed by an increasing number of loan companies. Thanks to this, the money will not be taken over by the bailiff, and we will be able to use it for any purpose. To take advantage of this opportunity, all you need to do is indicate in your application that you would like to withdraw money via the Giro check.

After a positive decision, we receive an SMS with a specially generated code, with which we go to the nearest post office. At the branch, you only need to show your ID card and provide a pin, and the cash will be paid to us.

Non-bank installment loans without loans - consolidation

Non-bank installment loans without loans - consolidation

It's good to know that non-bank installment loans without installments can also be taken in the form of consolidation. It is a combination of several financial liabilities into one that will have more favorable terms. This allows you to significantly relieve the financial situation and save the household budget.

Online consolidation loans 2019 are offered by both banks and loan companies. However, in the first case - as in the case of bank loans - we must have creditworthiness. If we are debtors and want to take advantage of loan consolidation, it is worth signing a contract with a Good Finance.

Consolidation allows you to pay one installment instead of several, which makes things much easier, especially when we forget about timely payments. It is also a great solution for people for whom installments are too large. In this case, the loan repayment period is extended, thanks to which the monthly installment is reduced.

Loans without bik online

Loans without bik online

To check the best offers of companies that offer loans without a loan online, it is worth using the rankings prepared by specialists. This type of combination allows us to match the appropriate offer that will meet our needs. To find the perfect online non-bank loans without a loan, just provide some basic data, such as:

  • Loan period;
  • The loan amount you want to take.

After completing them, we will receive a ready list of offers that best meet our expectations. Fast online loans without bikes are an extremely convenient way to receive money. The whole process takes no more than a dozen or so minutes, thanks to which people who need sudden cash can obtain it faster than in the case of traditional payday loans. Online loans are increasingly used by Poles who care about time and comfort.

Free loans without bikes

There are also companies on the market that offer free loans without a loan. This solution is only offered to new customers who have not incurred any payday loans in the Good Finance before.

This means that when you take a free online loan without a loan, e.g. in the amount of USD 1,000, you will have to pay back the same amount as we borrowed within a certain period of time. Non-bank companies do not charge commissions from new customers.

Free loans without bikes are a kind of incentive to use Good Finance offers. It is also a great way to help people struggling with debts. They can take advantage of the offer payday loans for the indebted and get the cash they need on favorable terms of the contract.

How much to borrow with a salary of 1500 USD?

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A borrower can devote up to 495 USD each month to repay monthly payments as part of a real estate project.

Borrow with 1500 USD net of salary

Borrow with 1500 USD net of salary

The salary is the central element in a mortgage application, it will define the feasibility of an acquisition based on the maximum debt of 33%. To put it simply, a mortgage applicant can devote up to 33% of their income to repaying different monthly payments, or even just one, that of the mortgage.

With 1500 USD of net salary, the borrower can, therefore, repay 495 USD monthly. This base will then make it possible to calculate, depending on the duration (10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, etc.), the amount of total borrowing capacity, facilitating the search for real estate.

During a home loan study, the financial adviser will, therefore, take into account the debt of the borrower and in particular the amount of his salary. But it is imperative that the salary of 1,500 USD be attached to a contract on a permanent contract, or equivalent as a permanent civil servant status.

Other elements will be screened such as account statements which will allow you to check any credits in progress or even calculate the remainder to live. The study will verify all of these elements and confirm or not the feasibility of the real estate project.

Table of gross sums with 1500 USD of wages


Here are the gross amounts, without taking into account the fees and interest rates, that a borrower can obtain with a maximum debt of 33% and without outstanding loans:

  • 5 years (60 months): USD 29,700
  • 10 years (120 months): USD 59,400
  • 12 years (144 months): USD 71,280
  • 15 years (180 months): USD 89,100
  • 20 years (240 months): USD 118,800
  • 25 years (300 months): USD 148,500
  • 30 years (360 months): USD 178,200
  • 35 years (420 months): USD 207,900

Simulate the mortgage with an income of 1500 USD


Obtaining a home loan by receiving a monthly net income of 1,500 USD is quite possible for major real estate projects. Simply, the gross amounts calculated do not take into account the interest rates charged by the banks as well as the various costs involved in setting up the real estate project.

A distinction is essentially made between administrative fees, warranty fees and costs of going to the notary. The simulation will, therefore, allow these elements to be taken into account in order to accurately estimate the total cost of credit, conditions change each month.

It is also important to check the possibility of benefiting from homeownership assistance schemes, including the social home loan (GFI) or the zero rate loan (GFI).

The simulator will be able to interrogate these devices and complete the mortgage loan request to allow the borrower to become more easily the owner. It is important to note that this simulation is done free of charge and without any commitment.

New Year’s Eve loan – Check out the best loan offers!

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You can go on a Christmas trip to the mountains. A party in highlander climates, skiing, eating cheese, sleigh rides - these are just a few of the attractions that await us. You can rent an expensive hotel or a cottage with a mountain climate. It is worth taking a loan for New Year's Eve for trips and New Year's Eve.

A quick loan for New Year's Eve - what is it?

A quick loan for New Year

A small loan for New Year's Eve will certainly improve our budget after Christmas. However, what offer should you choose from among all? Above all, we want to get cash quickly without unnecessary formalities, for which we do not have time after the Christmas turmoil and during preparations for New Year's Eve.

We have a choice of short-term loans and installment loans, available both in parabanks and in banking institutions, which are becoming more and more open to granting loans for a short period of time. In both cases, we get an answer within 15 minutes, and the money goes to our accounts on the same day or the next business day depending on the duration of the elixir session in our bank.

Importantly - the application can be submitted online without worrying about submitting documents to the creditor's office. Many loan companies offer the first loan for USD 0. Therefore, it is worth using a parabank loan, with which we have not yet cooperated.

A loan for New Year's Eve at home - is it worth it?

A loan for New Year

As we mentioned earlier, the organization of New Year's Eve at home is associated with costs, especially when we invite a larger group of friends. When, after Christmas spending, our wallet is empty and the salary from work is still far away, then we need to think about another source of money that will allow us to finance New Year's purchases.

A loan for a New Year's Eve in an apartment is a good way to get cash quickly. The more so because many loan companies offer the first loan at no cost. So let's choose the financial products of the brands with which we have not yet cooperated.

New Year's Eve loan abroad - is it worth it?

New Year

Spending New Year's Eve abroad is a good idea for those who want to take advantage of a few days off from work and change the environment. Whether it's a trip to New Year's Eve in warm countries or to a ski resort, we need to prepare for a significant expense.

So it's worth financially supporting a quick loan for New Year's Eve online. Instant payouts or online banking offers will give us a quick cash injection on what we care most, especially when the New Year's Eve trip around the corner. There are plenty of loan offers at your fingertips, all you have to do is choose your destination.

We can enjoy champagne anywhere in the world, riding with the other half, with friends or the whole family. The best party in life awaits you! By the way, it is a perfect chance to get to know a new culture and broaden your knowledge with new experiences.